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How To Plan Your Travels

A quick guide on how to plan your travels, where to travel during the year and what to take into consideration while booking a trip.

Make a list of your destinations you wish to visit

Take your time to research, to find unique destinations. We all have those destinations we are dreaming to visit. Start with creating a bucketlist of your dream travel destinations, I normally separate overseas trips from shorter trips, they make a difference in budget and length as well.

Research the destination

This is my favorite part before every new destination, to research the cities on my bucketlist. Make sure you don’t only visit a destination because its popular on Instagram or because you saw a pretty picture. In real life it maybe not that dreamy as you imagined. Look up the main sights and less popular places which only locals visit.

Choosing what time of the year to travel is also essential, and there are a lot of aspects to consider.

  • Weather – Research seasons of the given country
  • Holidays – Depending on where your traveling from may affect the plane ticket prices, but also it’s important to look at the destinations national holidays.
  • Seasons – It will affect airplane and accommodation prices
  • Days off – Depending on how much days, you can travel


After deciding on a destination I start with flight ticket research.

These following sites are great to check the prices of fights. Also, I use Google Flights to track ticket prices. For European flights, I normally also research low-cost airlines.



I normally book accommodation the same day I buy the tickets. I research the area and transportation and find a place which is close to the main sights. I start my checking Airbnb and Booking for the best prices and feedbacks. One thing I like about Booking is its cancellation policy, so if I find a better offer I can simply cancel before the traveling.


Extra Bookings

Book in advance:

  • Attractions and Museums (To avoid the lines and crowd book ahead)
  • Train and bus tickets
  • Restaurants (Popular places will be filled ahead, so make a plan and get a table in time)
  • Some Hotels have transfer offer, you can check with them as well and book extra.


Apps to download

  • Offline Map – I always get an offline map if I visit a country without my internet access
  • Google Maps – Best way to get around and check for public transportation
  • Uber – Best way to get from the airport to the hotel
  • XE Currency – Shows the current rate and calculates easily into your own currency


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