About Me

Welcome to my Pretty Little Journey!

My name is Dorothy, currently based in Budapest, working as a Social Media freelancer, which makes it possible for me to travel and to fulfill my passion to explore beautiful places around the world.

My Story

I grew up constantly, traveling and relocating to different countries, which made me easy adapt to new situations. I lived for five years in Germany and five years in Egypt, where I finished high school and made lifelong friends. I like the challenges I face while traveling and enjoy exploring the local places that help me shift my perspective.  After my family and I moved back to Budapest I graduated college and started the journey toward finding my passion for traveling and photography. 

Traveling the world helps me in self-discovery and teaches compassion and empathy, it also teaches us to live in the moment. I believe that by exploring different countries, cultures, and religion, it can teach us something that is not taught anywhere else.